R​-​Zone 09 - Down You Go​/​Give Me More​/​Too Much TV​/​VHC Beats

by R-Zone



Just a year after starting and the irrepressible R-Zone series is up to release number 9. Again this time there is no real word on who is behind the music, but again it is fierce, searing techno for darkened dancefloors.

The barrelling, stomping ‘Down You Go’ opens this EP with blocky metal beats, spares synth lines which bleed in and out of focus and plenty of rattling percussion. ‘Give Me More’ goes a little slower and deeper, with rubbery kick drums forming the base of the track as molten and melted acid gurgles percolate up through the mix. On the flipside, ‘Too Much TV’ is a more elastic groove that undulates up and down with short little acid stabs buried deep within as the bass drops in and out. Supple and propulsive, it’s arresting stuff that gets completed with final track ‘VHC Beats’.

Whichever producers are behind the R-Zone series always manages to come up with the goods, so if you like fizzing, textured techno that pulls no punches, this remains the series for you.


"Give me more of give me more "
Stephen Brown (Indigo Aera)

"Give me more!"
Pieter Presk (Presk / Will & Ink, Amsterdam)

"Great, support on this thanks."

"Super ravy! with cool synth lines. emotional! will play for sure."
Voiski (L.I.E.S., Construct Re-Form, Dement3d, Ivry Sur Seine)

"Down you go and give me more my picks , interesting stuff."
Jonas Kopp (Traut / Manzel, Berlin)

"Cool stuff!"
Bleak (c/o DRB Produktion, Stockholm)

"Brilliant, more of this please :) "
Forward Strategy Group

"Too Much TV is great - thanks."
Perc (Perc Trax)

"Some nice grooves going on here. Give me more and VHC Beats are the ones for me. Thx for the music"
0x4644 (BLN, Berlin)

"This sounds like stuff I allready have. Only less appealing. "
Rene Passet (Dj Broadcast / Oor / Kindamuzik, Den Haag)

"not sure will try down you go"
Michel De Hey

"Down you Go has a great groove and stomp to it"
AnD (Horizontal Ground / Inner Surface Music)

"great stuff"

"give me more is absolutely brilliant. "
ASOK (Scenery, Use of Weapons, MOS, Liverpool)

"not for me ... peace"
Karim Sahraoui (Transmat records, Aix-en-Provence)

"Some interesting ideas here for sure. 'Give Me More' speaks tome the most."
Nubian Mindz

"Down You Go. Yes. "
Tommy Four Seven

"HIT VHC Beats :)"
Kuczera (Intergalactic FM, heerlen)

"Give Me More and Too Much TV… really good. thanks "
Adam Marshall (New Kanada)

"Give Me More sounding ace .. really like this."
Danny Howells

"Feeling the groovy weirdness of Down You Go and Give Me More. Quality."
Darko Esser (Doornroosje, Nijmegen)

Fred P / Black Jazz Consortium (Soul People Music)

"give me more, bang"
Jean Pierre Enfant (Les Enfants Terribles/Trouw, Amsterdam)

"too much trance for me."
alex cortex

"give me more !"
Tomaz (22tracks, Sint Pieters Leeuw)

"I love the R-Zone releases and this is no exception. Down You Go is great!"
Lakker / Eomac

"good but a little too heavy for me. "
Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio, Worthing)

"R-Zone always delivers. thanks."
Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker NY, Brooklyn)

"'Give Me More' has a nice retro vibe to it, diggin the raw beats thanks"
Truncate/Audio Injection

"not really into the sound"
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

"gimme more!"
Gerben Louw (Wichelroede.net, Den Haag)

"Love it!!!!!"
Thaddeus Herrmann (Radio Fritz, Berlin)

"first three please! powerful ep, love it"
Jan Kinčl Zero (Radio808, Zagreb)

"not really for me this time, maybe 'VHC Beats', but thanks. "
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)

"not so into this one i'm afraid, have preferred many of the earlier drops.."
James Priestley (secretsundaze / The Secret Agency, London)

"Down You Go is the pick but yet another R-Zone winner all around"
Paul Mac (Stimulus Records, Essex)

"Down you go and Give me More! more more more..!"
Dimi Angélis (A&S, Traut Muzik, Balans) (Dimi Angélis, Amsterdam)

"Too much TV is nice"
Paul Boex (Dynamic Reflection)

"Like the more stripped bits of VHC Beats but nothing really jumping out at me I'm afraid."
Mosca (Ann Aimee, BBC Radio 1, London)

"Awesome EP from R-Zone, again! Uncompromising, raw & beautiful!"
Chille jr. (Night Moves@Fnoob radio, Koprivnica)

""Give Me More" is rad"
Vincent Pollard (Exclaim, Toronto, Ontario)

"thx for the promo, nothing really jumping out for me to play this time. but pls feel free to keep me updated on future beats."
Ben Sims (Theory, London)

"Another winner from R-Zone: Give Me More... Please :)"
Owain Kimber (Innate, Cardiff)

"Always happy to play out new goodies from the R-Zone "crew"!"
Andrew Duke (Andrew Duke In The Mix/Cognition Audioworks, Halifax NS)

"GIVE ME MORE -- oh yes oh yes !! :-D "
Laurent Garnier

""VHC Beats" and "Give me more" are nice ones! Thx"
MuteOscillator (Ksoul & MuteOscillator )

"down you go sounds cool!"
Delta Funktionen (Ann Aimee, Berlin)

"all tracks going down a treat in my books, support for all of these "
Bobby Champs

"give me more"
Marko Nastic (Radio B92 / Exit Festival, Belgrade)

"give me more on this one i think"
Marco Bernardi (Take the Elevator, Bristol)

"VHC beats is my pick here, other tracks didn't quite click for me."
James Fox / Severn Beach

"Not feeling this one as much as some of the other R-Zones. Just a bit too pounding and one-dimensional. Thanks."
Dave TTB (TOTHEBONE, London)

""Give Me More" - Banging tune! Fun EP overall. Keep em coming ..."
Sven VT (De-bug, Berlin)

"All 4 tracks are brilliant."
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show, Rijeka)

"R-Zone is always great fun. Like first 2 tracks best from preview clips."

"Im liking the rawness, hit the spot attitude"
Carlos Valdes (Studio Soulrock, Amsterdam)

"great e.p,have to try some tracks ! "
Fabrice Lig

"Chunky tunes that never stop making you get lost in their grooves. My favorite R-Zone release out of them all."

"Too much TV is my pick here. Love that vibe"
Nuno Dos Santos (kollektiv, utrecht)

"really feeling "down u go" thx ! "
GoldFFinch (Turbo, Dirty Bird)

"Down You Go and Give Me More are the ones for me! "
DJ+ (Nachtwerk/Hoax, Amsterdam)

"Love the harder sounds on Down as you go :) "
Giles Armstrong

"Good tunes, especially "Give me more"."
Norman Nodge (MDR, Berlin)

"ima leave that one aside "
Dj Simbad (Various / Browsnwood Rec.)

"big one, all four!! favorite r zone release"
Innershades (Roze Balletten, Aalst)

"Feeling the throbbing 'Give Me More' - thanks... "
Paul Woolford (Planet E/Hotflush, Leeds)

"down you go is the one for me, dikke batser"
A Made Up Sound / 2562 (When In Doubt, Utrecht)

"On point, as per."
J. Tijn

"Nice mix of the straight and the frayed. Think I'll be hunting this down on a circular slab next month."
Simon Whight (Data Transmission / Inverted Audio / Ibiza Voice, Manchester)

"Looking forward to hearing this on a nice sound system."
Miguel Senquiz (Ghostly International, New York)

Tim Thaler (BLN FM, Berlin)


released March 30, 2014



all rights reserved