R​-​Zone 07 - If You Going Thru Hell Keep Going​/​Emojako​/​Subatomi

by R-Zone



The much loved R-Zone series continues apace here with three more rough analogue jams for its seventh release.

'If U Going Thru Hell Keep Going' is a paranoid, angsty bit of house jack with a busy synth line, hard hitting percussion and plenty of muddy, murky atmosphere. 'Emojako' is even more unhinged and off filter with its weird hooks, dusty hi hats and intense drum workouts. It's a physical one that will fuck with your mind as it changes direction freely, and final track 'Subatomi' is just as freaky and left of centre. The synths are lively and charming, spraying about above a cacophony of woody percussion and heavy drums. It's grainy and roughhewn but groovy and catchy at the same time.

"going thru hell is great!"
Delta Funktionen (Ann Aimee, Berlin)

"Loving the R-Zone releases and this is no exception. Emojako is doing the damage for me here. Love the name too"
Truss / MPIA3

"I really like 'Subatomi', proper funk & tension there"
Guillaume Heuguet (In Paradisum, Paris)

"I'm going to hell with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Fabrice Lig

"If u going thru hell keep going is the one for me here "
Locked Groove (Hotflush / Turbo, Antwerpen)

"this is analogue origami!"

"Will play Emojako!"

"series continues to deliver"
Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker NY, Brooklyn)

"If U Going Thru Hell Keep Going and Subatomi are very nice! Emojako too paranoid for me ;)"
Chille jr. (Night Moves@Fnoob radio, Koprivnica)

"Can't play it out but I liked if you going best."
Mike Grant (Big 50 Entertainment, Oak Park)

"yes hypnotism in If U love it!"
Michel De Hey

"not for me"
Osunlade (Yoruba Records, Imerovigli, Santorini)


"If U Going Thru Hell is the jam for me here! "
Alex from Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star)

"going thru hell is my fave, great track. thx!"
Ben Sims (Theory, London)

"ging thru hell is a lovely roller"
Dave Ellesmere (Graphene / Belief System, Berlin)

"Rave stormers! Will play A1"
Rivet (Skudge Present, Kontra-Musik)

"Subatomi for me, strong release."
Tom Dicicco

"very interesting! sounds great. any chance for wavs?"
Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape)

"Nice and quirky. 'Going Thru Hell...' is the one."
Lakker / Eomac

"going thru hell for me, dope"
A Made Up Sound / 2562 (When In Doubt, Utrecht)

"'Emojako' is the one for me, thanks....."
Paul Woolford (Planet E/Hotflush, Leeds)

"Absolutely love If U going Thru Hell..."
J. Tijn

"Wow, another R-Zone. It's good, too. If U Going Thru Hell... the one for me. Thanks."
Dave TTB (TOTHEBONE, London)

"Awsome! Different than the latest R-Zone releases, but I love it."
Holger Klein (Groove Magazine)

"thank you for good music!"

"not fror me..thanks"
Karim Sahraoui (Transmat records, Aix-en-Provence)

"really like the strings on 'if u going thru hell'. thanks. "
Dave Mothersole (proton radio, Worthing)

"Hell yeah !"
Giles Armstrong

"subatomi for me"
Marko Nastic (Radio B92 / Exit Festival, Belgrade)

"like the acid on Emojako!"
Alex Downey (Third Ear / Split / [covert], London)

Dimi Angélis (A&S, Traut Muzik, Balans)

"if u going thru hell !! "
Domenic Cappello (Sub Club)

"The R-Zone in full effect. "If U Going ..." is my pick so far."
Sven VT (De-bug, Berlin)

"I like the sound of their productions, "If U Going ..." is my favourite tune here so far."
Norman Nodge (MDR, Berlin)

"nice! ty"
Oliver Kapp (Raygun / Indulge, Hamburg)

"great as usual!"
Thaddeus Herrmann (Radio Fritz, Berlin)

"going through hell has an intense build towards the end, other than that the release is ok, but doesnt grab me."
alex cortex

"Emojako is good and demented, might have to edit but a fine piece of work nonetheless..."
Mosca (Ann Aimee, BBC Radio 1)

"Going Thru Hell is epic!"
Vince Watson (Bio Music, Amsterdam)

"I'm a big fan of all the R-Zone releases, great fun tracks."

"The R Zone express train keeps on rolling. Probably their most esoteric ep to date! Subatomi really stands out: wonk & bass goodness!"
Owain Kimber (Dessous Recordings / Littledetroit, Cardiff)

"Loved all R-Zone releases so far and this one is great too. "If U going thru hell keep going" stands out."
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show, Rijeka)

"certainly oddly charming but i'm afraid i can't really make use of it."
Electric Indigo (indigo:inc)

Vincent Pollard (Exclaim, Toronto, Ontario)

"Emojako all the way for me."
Nubian Mindz

"Keep Going indeed more quality gear here liking 'em all"
Paul Mac (Stimulus Records, Brightlingsea, Essex)

"The R Zone right in the Jackin' Zone !!!! Looove it --- "
Laurent Garnier

"'Subatomi' sounds really crazy, that´s my pick on here. thanks!"
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Barcelona)

Tim Thaler (BLN FM, Berlin)

"i never want to leave the r-zone!!!"
Hunee (Hunch Music / Rush Hour, Berlin)

"Subatomi is doin' my head in...proper!"
Mad Mats (Local Talk Records, Hägersten)

"I'm feeling the hell tune, radio and club support mos def, really good stuff. big up"
Jan Kinčl Zero (Zero Show @ Radio808, Zagreb)

"Subatomi is track of choice"
Tomaz (22tracks, Sint Pieters Leeuw)

"once again full LOVE and support 1+2 are my favs"
Marco Bernardi (Take the Elevator, Bristol)

"Emojako is cool!!!"
Innershades (Roze Balletten, Aalst)

"If u going thru hell - this has caught my ears the most"

"all winners to me,especially I u going thru hell.. great job! "
Gilb-r (Versatile, Paris)

"Feeling the hell keep going track."
Nuno Dos Santos (kollektiv, utrecht)

"More dope than Howard Marks' false-bottomed suitcase."
Tom Banham (Resident Advisor)


released March 30, 2014



all rights reserved