R​-​Zone 16 - Lumidei / Dédale D'or / Mynheer / Skagerrak

by R-Zone



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The R Zone series excels at raw, inventive, off kilter club music from a range of mysterious artists. That fine tradition continues once more here with another four cuts of inventive music that takes cues from techno, IDM, acid and house.

Lumidei is all wonky drums and out of time hits and is a brilliantly weird cut full of spacious atmospherics. Mynheer is built on a bed of broken beats, knocking hits and metallic textures that all tumble and fall around loosely and invitingly. Dédale d´or then takes you on a trip through the outer edges of the universe with rough hits and drums scraping out a groove as big, bold synth chords add an air of melancholy and finality to proceedings. Things close out with Skagerrak, a perfectly roughhewn drum track that is backed with sensuous synths and lots of cosmic moods. Arresting and compelling, this yet is another unique R Zone release that cannot fail to stand out in any DJ set.

Kabale Und Liebe (Soweso Records): "not for me"

Szare (Horizontal Ground / Field Records / Project 13): "Dope this. Mynheer ­ yes"

Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD): "feeling the whole thing! thanks"

James Ruskin (Blueprint Records): "Mynheer for me...Thanks!"

"Mynheer is wicked. Also into Dédale d ́or"

Bleak (Delsin/Naura/Deeply Rooted): "Cool!"

Will Oirson:
"Really like Lumidei and Dédale D'or"

Angel Molina (Sonar Music):
"'Dédale D'or' has a nice mysterious feel. Also nice raw feel on 'Skagerrak'. Thanks."

Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode):
"massive! love this release! excited to play it!"

alex cortex:
"not for me, sorry."

Stephen Lopkin:
"Good to hear people making something different rather than generic house/techno ­ well produced."

Tommy Four Seven [47]: "So good"

Charlton (Poverty is Violence / Mord):
"Nice ep really like skagerrak and limidei thanks for this :)"

Richard Zepezauer (DNP Music): "Lumidei has a nice groove. like it"

Carl Suspect (Uncanny Valley):
"Trademark sound! It's not hard to realize who's behind this release and I love it. The b1 is my fav"

Eiwen (BLN.FM / @Eiwenhertz):
"whooop! Mynheer is killer! Solid R­Zone release! Danke"

Kirk Degiorgio (ART): "not for me...sorry!"

Cassegrain (Prologue):
"Lumindei + Skagerrak here ­ nice stuff!"

Chevel (Enklav / Vae Victis): "mynheer for me"

Roland Appel: "mynheer for me"

Owain Kimber (Innate):
"Can't argue with this, a brilliant mix of weird and wonderful ­ Mynheer & Skagerrak got me on the first go."

Gingy (Clone):
"dedale is nice and moody"

Huxley (Aus Music):
"mynheer is my favourite. i like skagerrak too"

Domenic Cappello (Sub Club): "lumedei and skagerrak"

Simone Gatto (OUT­ER):
"Always quality from R­Zone.. Mynheer and Skagerrak are great! Thanks"

Basic Soul Unit (Lab.our Union Creative): "Lumidei and Skagerrak works for me!"

Innershades (Roze Balletten): "Best!"

Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes Recordings): "not for me"

Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork):
"Yeah, this is killer. "Lumidei" is just the right degree of warped and murky; "Mynheer" is a perfect drum track; and "Dédale D'or" is kinda gothy in a way that I love. Excellent record."

GoldFFinch (Valence, Turbo): "really into mynheer"

Trevor Deep Jr (HPTY Recordings): "Skagerrak is dope track."

Kuczera (Intergalactic FM): "as always dope"

Sven VT (De­bug): "Great stuff."

Breach (Naked Naked, Aus): "dope"

Truncate/Audio Injection (Truncate):
"Dig the raw vibe will give them a spin thanks!"

Rivet (Kess Kill / Kontra­Musik): "Skagerrak has a lovely Levon swing"

Tessela (Poly Kicks): "R­Zone!"

Craig Hollywood (RTRFM):
"To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)"

Happa (PT/5 Records): "Great stuff"

Paul Mac (Stimulus Records):
"R­Zone is always welcome 1&4 are the standouts on first listen here but all will work just fine I'm sure."

Dan Curtin (Metamorphic): "wicked sounds, into all of these.."

Richie Hawtin (M­nus): "downloaded for r hawtin"

Inland (Infrastructure / Counterchange): "skagerrak! challenging stuff"

Randomer (Hemlock):
"Skagerrak is my fav! Love the assembly­line shout in 'Mynheer' too :)"

Tom Dicicco (Delsin / The Corner): "R­zone is in the zone!"

Marcel Heese (Tresor, Finitude): "'mynheer' rocks. thanks!"

Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner): "nice one!"

Electric Indigo (indigo:inc):
"mynheer is definitely my pick here! thanks!"

Mosca (Ann Aimee, Not So Much, Prime Numbers): "Weird, good"

Noah Gibson (Krasch Records / Trouble In Paradise): "A2 for me, really cool!"

Ben Morris:
"dedale d'or is the one for me"

Cavendish (WELFARE):
"this is really good. hard to pick a favourite but it might be lumidei"

Ksoul (Ksoul & MuteOscillator): "not for me"

Marco Zenker (Ilian Tape):
"a new r­zone is always good news. dope shit!"

Tomaz (22tracks): "R­zone is my pleasure zone"

DJ Bone (Subject Detroit):
"Digging Lumidei the most but the entire release is very good! Thanks"

Zadig (Construct Re­Form):
"Always surprising with R­Zone. One more time very good. Thanks"

Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape): "great diverse tracks!"

Hodge (Livity Sound / Berceuse Heroique): "Into Mynheer !"

Najem Sworb (Clone, Ai): "Digging these singularities."

Vince Watson (Cocoon / Ovum / Planet E / Poker Flat / Yoruba): "not for me"

Giles Armstrong:
"In the zone yet again!"

astytekk (Lower Parts):
"Dirty dancing in the Zone! thats the attitude!!"

Marcelus (Singular):
"Mynheer for me, nice trippy track!"

Mitch Strashnov (URB/SELF­TITLED/DUMMY):
""Mynheer" and "Skagerrak" are class! Definitely will raise eyebrows and spirits on the floor in droves."

John Osborn (Tanstaafl Records): "very strong release!"

James Fox / Severn Beach (Audio Culture / KMAH Radio): "cool stuff. the bass drops on 'mynheer' are most pleasing."

Ben Sims (Symbolism): "Skagerrak my fave, thx!"

Simo Cell (Livity Sound): "BIG"

Clouds (Turbo / Soma / Electric Deluxe): "class!"

Lakker / Eomac (R&S / Killekill):
"R­Zone, Wicked as always. Lumidei & Skagerrak particularly."

Simon Whight (Inverted Audio): "Mynheer made me yes out loud."

Hunee (Hunch Music / Rush Hour):
"finally we can go back to the raaaaaaave zooooone!!!"

Luis Rozalén (Clubbing Spain): "03 my pick here, good atoms"

Marsman (Pinkman Records):
"Love the first and last track, cool release!"

Slam (Soma Records): "strong release thanx"


released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved